Academic Quality Improvement and Development Office

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KP2MA was formed in 2006 and started to function effectively in mid 2007. KP2MA is a unit that supports the board of UAJY in improving the academic quality.


To become a unit in UAJY that serves with humanity, to contribute to the development of the academic quality.


Contribute to the development of the academic program by upgrading its standards in both national and international level

The functions of KP2MA

KP2MA works in three areas:

  • Academic Development Division that manages the development, socialization and trainings of teaching methods.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, that manages the development, monitor and evaluate academic activities as well as research programs.
  • Academic Quality Guarantee, that manages the development, trainings, internal quality audit and preparation of accreditation by BAN-PT

KP2MA is assisted by Pool of Assessor UAJY, a group of lecturers and staffs of UAJY who are qualified to review certification of lecturers, research program, accreditation of academic program and internal quality audit

Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

Over the course, the quality development does not only concern the academic area but also other supporting divisions. Therefore, since 19 December 2008, UAJY implements Quality Management System (Sistem Manajemen Mutu/SMM) ISO 9001:2008 with KP2MA as the Quality Improvement and Develpoment Representative (QMR).

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