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“Corporate identity is the total impression a company makes on its public through its products, policies, actions, and advertising efforts” (Golden, 1959).

Corporate identity makes an institution looks unique and different, as well as expressing its cultural value. From all the elements of corporate identity, the design of its symbol is a very important element, because in communicating with stakeholders, a symbol that is easy to remember and authentic is needed. Similarity between design and other competitor’s design could cause miscommunication.

Symbol’s Philosophy

A symbol uses more elements of arcs and circular lines that are more feminine to express a university as alma mater (foster mother). Geometrically, a symbol that is symmetrical symbolizes stability of the institution. A symbol that represents a flower symbolizes that a university is media of activity that produce and help younger generation towards the future.

Flower’s Stalk

A flower’s stalk is located at the bottom part of a flower which symbolizes a pen’s tip, which means written. Graphically, the pen’s tip was made so that it forms a silhouette of two pigeons that face each other. The two birds that face each other symbolize communication in a community and equality.

Flower’s petal

Consist of the representation of a picture of a book, wings and opened hand. The visualization of these three has a symmetrical shape. Graphically expressed through a plain white background and contour lines to give a dynamic impression of a flapping wing, opening book and asking hand.

Flower’s Crown

A flower’s crown consist of several elements which are the seven gifts/rays of the holy spirit :

  1. Wisdom
  2. Understanding
  3. Counsel
  4. Knowledge
  5. Fortitude
  6. Piety
  7. Fear of lord

These seven rays disperse from the middle of the book to symbolize that education mission remain closely attach to god’s mission of saving human through the holy spirits. The seven rays of the holy spirits light a circle that symbolizes the world. Graphically, the rays were made until the end of the world, symbolizes completeness/perfection that a mission of UAJY. This coincides with one of UAJY’s mission which is “strive for academic excellence”.

The seven rays were made very dominant, therefore it can be seen clearly from afar and this coincide with the university’s slogan “Serviens in Lumine Veritatis” which means serving in the light of truth.

The slogan is written forming a half circle outside the picture of the world with a background of the silhouette of a bishop that symbolizes this catholic university actively participates in the church’s mission.

The colors used are blue, yellow and white. Blue and yellow are primary colors that can be used as stimulus.

  • Blue: this color is a strong and interesting color. Blue also means spiritualism. This coincides with the name “Atma Jaya” which means superior spirit.
  • Yellow : this color symbolizes success, priority, and intellectuality. This color corresponds with the university vision and mission as an institution that based all its activity on the spirit of Jesus Christ.
  • White: a color that symbolizes purity and holiness.

Using blue as a soft or gentle color and yellow as a warm color is the mixture of two opposing side and yet complete each other, that symbolizes stability.


“Serviens in Lumine Veritatis” : Serving in the light of truth

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