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Corporate identity is the total impression a company makes on its public through its products, policies, actions, and advertising efforts (Golden, 1959).

Corporate identity makes an institution look unique and different and expresses its values and culture. From the whole element of corporate identity, the design of the logo is very important because to communicate with stakeholders, an institution needs a unique design which is easily distinguished and remembered by the audience. The similarity between the logo of institution and its competitors will disrupt the communication conducted by the institution.


The logo uses more elements of the curved line that are more feminine as an expression of the university as an alma mater (foster mother). Geometrically, the symbol that has a symmetrical shape symbolizes the stability of an institution. It is a picture of a flower bud, symbolizing that a university is a forum for developing the younger generation towards its future.

Partially, the elements of the symbol can be explained as follows:


The corolla consists of the following elements: The Seven Rays of the Holy Spirit, namely the light (1) grace, (2) wisdom, (3) science, (4) the commandment, (5) love, (6) strength and (7) piety in God.

The seven rays radiate from the center of the book as a symbol that the mission of education is attached to the mission of embedding God through the passing of the Holy Spirit. The seven rays of the Holy Spirit radiate into the circle that symbolizes the world. The beam is graphically made to the end of the world, symbolizing the perfection that UAJY’s educational mission is about to achieve. This is in accordance with one of UAJY’s missions, to strive for academic excellence.

The beams of the seven rays are made quite dominant so that even from a distance it will still be clearly visible.

The text of Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta is written in a semicircle outside the picture of the world with a silhouette-shaped background of the bishop’s crown that symbolizes this Catholic university participating in contributing to the life and mission of the universal church.



The flower stalk is located at the bottom which is a stilation from the tip of the pen that symbolizes the main work of the university which is proclaiming (written). Graphically, the tip of this pen is made in such a way that it forms the silhouette of two pigeons facing each other. These two birds represent communication in a communique while symbolizing egalitarian equality, which is one of the characteristics of the laity.


PETALS (consisting of stilation from the pictures of Book – Bird Wings – Hands Looking Up)

All three visualizations have symmetrical shapes united at the base. It is graphically expressed with white fields and contour lines to give an impressive dynamic impression of the wings that keep flapping, the book constantly actively opened and the hands that keep begging.



Serviens In Lumine Veritatis: Serving in the Light of Truth



The colors shown in the logo are blue, yellow, and white. Blue and yellow are the primary colors that can be used as powerful stimulus.

  1. Blue is one of the colors used in UAJY logo. This color represents strength, stability, wisdom, and spiritualism. This is in accordance with the name, “Atma Jaya” which is a “superior soul” or “winning spirit”.
  2. Another color used is yellow. This color symbolizes success, majesty, virtue, and intellectualism. This color is in accordance with the mission, vision, and philosophy of UAJY as an educational institution which its activities are based on the spirit of Jesus Christ, namely the apostolic spirit imbued with the Catholic faith as a moral and operational basis.
  3. White is a color that symbolizes purity.
  4. The use of blue as a soft color with yellow as a warm color is a combination of two complementary sides and it is useful to provide a balanced scheme.
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