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30 November -0001
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Yogyakarta – International Education Specialists (IDP) in collaboration with Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (UAJY) held a presentation on the Master’s program on Thursday (2/11). The presentation was held in the Technical Conference Room, Campus II was hosted by the University of Southampton, one of the top universities in the United Kingdom.

UAJY does not yet have a relationship with the University of Southampton. But the opportunity to add insight and meet directly with representatives from the university becomes an opportunity for UAJY to expand its network.

The speaker invites the participants to continue their Master’s degree at the University of Southampton. In addition, the university is also working with the Institute Fund Management Fund (LPDP) published by the Government. So the opportunity to win a scholarship to continue education at the University of Southampton wide open.

“This relationship can be a connection for students who are studying undergraduate. When they plan to continue their Master’s education, the preparations need to be pioneered from now on, “said Wenityas Anggitasari, staff of UAJY Partnership and Promotion Office.

The speakers from the University of Southampton explained about the courses being studied, scholarships, and life in the UK. Mark Cranshaw (Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Science) describes the Master’s programs and job descriptions thereafter. Jan Podivinsky (Head of Department of Economics) explained about the Master of Economics program. He emphasized the importance of studying economics in the 21st century. Lizzie Eyres (Country Development Manager of South East Asia) describes the situation and life around the campus.

“I wish many students knew about the University of Southampton and understood how to join us. We also expect more Indonesian students at the University of Southampton, “Lizzie said.

The target presentation of the University of Southampton is the UAJY students. This activity also received a positive response from the participants of the presentation.

“I’m interested in studying abroad, especially in England. Especially in the UK Economics lessons have been made more specific. The description of college activities and campus conditions I know better, “said Lorensius Toto Lobo, a student of the UAJY Economic Faculty.

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