FKUB and UAJY Call for Anti Hoax Declaration

30 November -0001
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Observing the dynamics of national life and the spreading phenomenon of radicalism and terrorism, leaving a question in our minds. How can radicalism develop in a democratic country like Indonesia? The question is at least a trigger to reflect again the quality of life of our diversity in the development of Indonesian national life today.

In the context of nationality, not a growing tolerant attitude but a frenzy of destructive contestation in the public sphere. The scope is no longer between religions, even between mazabs. The inter-religious relationship has not yet found a balanced point of formulation. The picture of harmony and religious tolerance in this country is not “as beautiful as the original color.” Now re-emerged terrorism and religious radicalism that continues to spread in several regions of the archipelago. This phenomenon is increasingly powerful in tapping the instability of our religious life, diversity, and nationality.

Yogyakarta, known as “the city of tolerance”, is not spared from the lingering dynamism of radicalism and terrorism. Attack on St. Church Lidwina, Sleman, Yogyakarta recently gave birth to new concerns as well as concerns over the increasingly widespread intolerance movement in Yogyakarta, which according to Setara Institute even occupied the position of the two provinces with the highest level of intolerance in Indonesia.

Responding to the condition, the Forum of Religious Harmony (FKUB) of DIY Province in collaboration with Yogyakarta Regional Police conducts saresehan in Student Lounge Room, Campus II, Thomas Aquinas, Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta (UAJY), Jl. Babarsari 44, Yogyakarta on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. Attending the event were KH. Toha Abdurrahman (Chairman of FKUB), AKBP Sinungwati, SH. (Polda DIY), religious leaders and representatives of Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) as members of FKUB. Rector of UAJY, Dr. Gregorius Sri Nurhartanto, SH. LL.M. acting as the host of the event. (11/4/2018)

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