06 March 2014
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UAJY Faculty of Engineering students have conducted a community service in Dusun Sidomulyo, Trimulyo Village, Turi District. During the program, students invented a practical and simple technology to filter iron (Fe) as much as 0.8 mg/L from water.  The iron in the water causes yellow sediment in the PVC pipes. One of the purposes of this community service is to make sure that the water is hygiene enough to be consumed by the villagers.  With their motto : To see, to think, and to act, the 37 civil engineering and architecture students conducted their community service for 4 days, from 27 February to 2nd March 2014.

The motivation of this community service came from seeing the abundant of iron contained in water consumed by villagers of Sidomulyo. Students then initiated to find a solution to remove iron using an economic and environmental friendly water filter. The equipment used was Quick Sand Filter SPC (Saringan Pasir Cepat/SPC) which is made of plastic drums that contain sand that has been calculated and attached to PVC pipes.

“The use of simple technology is a first step that still needs further development, both in terms of water management and equipments because the equipments were only donations from students,” said coordinator of community service, Eugenius Gusti Prananda.

The final step after seeing and thinking is to act. The students of UAJY worked hand in hand to make water filter, to wash gravel and sand which will then be put into the SPC for filtering.

The next agenda of the community service was socialization of clean water and SPC installation to reduce the amount of iron in water on Saturday (1/2).  The socialization was conducted at one of the villager’s house which was also the students’ base camp. The villagers were given information by three students and two lecturers, Ir. V. Yenni Endang S., M.T. and Cita Adiningrum., S. T., M. T. Information about septic tank was also brought up.

“We hope that the locals will be able to make a use of PAMDUS Sidotirto so that they are able to create a better water filter and improve water distribution to people”, said Eugenius Gusti Pranada (awan/6/2/2014)

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