10 March 2014
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Unit Matakuliah Pengembanan Kepribadian (MPK) UAJY organized a seminar called ”Wise Voters, Fair Election: Socialization and Observing Election Politic 2014” with  Ahmad Shidqi (Head of Sleman Regional Election) and A. Ranggabumi Nuswantoro (Lecturer of UAJY Social and Politic Science) as the speakers and  B. Wibowo Suliantoro (Representative of MPK UAJY) as moderator. The lively discussion held on Saturday (8/2/2014) at Faculty of Social and Political Science Auditorium was attended by approximately 200 students.

In his paper entitled “2014: Pemerintahan Moncong Putih atau Beringin?” Ranggabumi explained that palpable preparations towards upcoming election amplify the dynamic in Indonesian Politic. 2014 election will create an important history, the end of Democrat Regime. The regime that has last for 10 years will finally collapse. Its electability dropped to below 5%.  The high political dynamic is indicated by internal conflicts in political parties and political manoeuvres. From Nasdem, Demokrat, Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, Hanura, and Golkar to rumors about coup d’état attempts.

Apart from the validity of the issue, a rumour about a new president, is surfacing to the public. Survey institutions have listed a number of names, both individual candidate and political party figure. From the number of political figures offered by survey institutions, there are new names that could be considered as dark horse in the election.

According to Ranggabumi, the possibilities are unlimited. However, to determine the most suitable figure to lead this country, we need to be aware and take notes by observing to the situation nowadays. The future leader must commit to fight against corruption, to solve human rights problems, and to uphold the five principles (Pancasila) as the foundation of this country. The latter is very important as Pancasila is starting to be neglected and violence and religious conflicts happen everywhere. In addition to the commitments mentioned, a nation’s leader has to be democratic and respect regional uniqueness.

To continue, Rangga encouraged the students to be critical and keep in mind the promises made by election candidates during political campaign and to demand him or her to carry out the promise when elected.

Ahmad Shidqi explained that Regional Election is organized by Regional Election Committee (Komisi Pemilihan Umum Daerah/KPUD) as mentioned in Act no. 22 Year 2007 about election enforcement. KPUD as organizer has the following duties and authority: to plan and determine the procedures of the election according to the law, coordinate and supervise all steps of election, and to set the date as well as method of political campaign.

KPUD also has the authority to verify whether candidates, Political Party or Joint Political Party have met all the requirements, accept registrations of qualified candidates and announces campaign teams and campaign funds, recapitulate voting and announce voting result; evaluate the election process; to form Panitia Pemilihan Kecamatan/ PPK (District Election Committee), Panitia Pemungutan Suara/PPS (Ballot Counting Committee), and Kelompok Panitia Pemungutan Suara/KPPS (Ballot Counting Committee Group); and to choose public accounting firm to audit campaign fund and the result will be announced by an independent auditor . (awan 8/3/2014)

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