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Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (UAJY) is a private higher education institution that was founded by the common catholic followers and managed by Slamet Rijadi organization – Yogyakarta, supported by Saint Albert Magnus. Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta was founded in 1965, 26th of September, to participate in improving our country through education means, that is globally oriented.

Since august 31st 1973, Yogyakarta branch of Indonesia University of Catholic Atma Jaya separate itself from Indonesia University of Catholic Atma Jaya Jakarta, and stand by itself as


The name Atma Jaya came from Sanskrit. Atma means spirit, and Jaya means superior or excellent; thus Atma Jaya means superior spirit. UAJY’s dream has always been establishing higher education based on morale values.

UAJY currently has 6 faculties with 11 undergraduate programs and 5 postgraduate program, including 4 international class for the undergraduate program, with a number of students approximately 11,307 students; supported by 6 professor, 58 doctor, 206 master and 6 graduates as permanent lecturer. UAJY is also supported by lecturers from specialist to professionals in their own field, local and also internationally. All undergraduate and postgraduate programs have been accredited by BAN-PT (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi ; national higher education accreditation organization).


Develop academic community in a smart and critical way to help protect and improve human values and also cultural heritage through education, research and also other services that are given to local community, national and also internationally with the spirit of serviens in lumines veritatis (service in the light of truth).

Future UAJY

UAJY will always give its efforts in creating a culture in organization that is capable in building a community with human resources that have the capability and high commitment in accordance to the vision and mission of the university, and alumni that is capable in competing not only nationally but also internationally. The university will also put its effort in creating a network of cooperation with other party in national and also international level.

UAJY as a choice

The development of UAJY cannot be separated from the development of the city of Yogyakarta.

With a relatively safe and peaceful environment, Yogyakarta is the most appropriate choice for high school graduates students in search of knowledge for the development of their future quality of life. Supported by relatively low living cost, and also supporting facility such as books shops, public library, transportation, communication, recreational place, dormitory, hospital and many more.

UAJY is located in a strategic location that will ease the students in fulfilling their needs. Students of UAJY will be able to socialize with students from other universities with different background easily. This is the factor that will prepare the students to be able to survive in the society.

As a catholic university, UAJY runs its education process in catholic beliefs. In that effort, UAJY will always strive for academic excellence and option for the poor, and produce graduates that have the spirit and courage in becoming “Men and Women for Others”. On top of that, UAJY will be a university as an alternative for higher education due to its excellence and supported by its human resources that are committed, and capable in handling and managing the university.

With its slogan Serviens in lumine veritatis which means service in the light of truth, UAJY is ready to prepare the future of its students.



The “province of special region of Yogyakarta” is a province with a status of special region.  The status special region is related to the history of this province. In year 1945, as merger of the region “Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat” and Kadipaten Pakualaman, that merge itself with the Republic of Indonesia that was proclaim by Bung Karno and Bung Hatta in 17th of august 1945.

The northern part of the province of special region of Yogyakarta is the summit of mount Merapi with an altitude of 2920 meter above sea level. International Vulcanolog announced that this volcano is well known for its eruption and in the same category as mount Visuvius in Italy. Even now, mount Merapi is very active. It’s peak produces ash cloud, that is a special panorama that is a background for the view of northern Yogyakarta City.

The province of special region of Yogyakarta has an area of 3,186 km² that is divided into 5 regions of second degree, which is : Yogyakarta city, which is the capital city of the province of special region of Yogyakarta, Sleman regency, Bantul regency, Kulonprogo regency and Gunung Kidul (Mount Kidul) regency.

City of Students

Between early 1946 and late 1949, Yogyakarta was the capital city of Republic of Indonesia for 4 years. The leaders of Indonesia gathered in this city. Just like a capital city, Yogyakarta attracted people from different region that would like to participate in the development of the newly announced independent country. However, to help build this country, we needed trained and educated people. Therefore, the government of Republic of Indonesia founded the very first public university of Indonesia, which is known now as Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Later on, it was followed by the academy of art (Indonesia Academic of Art and Indonesia Academic of Music), and also Islamic University (IAIN Sunan Kalijaga). It was later on followed by other public and also private academic institution in Yogyakarta city, and almost all field of education is taught in Yogyakarta. This resulted in Yogyakarta to grow as a city of students and education. The most popular facility for students, workers, and the publics are bicycle and motorcycle that is used all day. This also resulted in Yogyakarta to be known as city of bikes.

Center of Culture

Amazing and beautiful cultural arts always exist and can be found in Kraton and its surrounding environment. As the remnants of kingdom/empire, Yogyakarta has uncounted art and culture and is the center of art and culture for central java. We can see this from the sculpture and carving found on monuments, temples, Sultan’s castle and other places that are still related to the castle life.

Its cultural art can still be found all over Yogyakarta, and its cultural value of people of Yogyakarta can be found on the architecture of the surrounding houses, with is “Joglo” design that is well known throughout Indonesia. Yogya’s “Andhong” also shows us that Yogyakarta still preserve its traditional values. Many great artists all over Indonesia were taught in Yogyakarta. Names such as Affandi, Bagong Kusdiharjo, Edi Sunarso, Amri Yahya, Kuswadji Kawindro Susanto and many others are all names that strengthened Yogyakarta as center of culture.

Tourist Destination

The current Yogyakarta has developed into creating on goal : Yogyakarta as a tourist destination. The nice people, unique to Yogyakarta, will welcome tourists when they arrive, and when they leave Yogyakarta, they will take beautiful memory as souvenirs that they will never forget.

Its role as center of education and cultural region, supported by beautiful panorama, have made Yogyakarta into a place that worth visiting. Yogyakarta has all sorts of facilities provided, which will allow tourist to enjoy their stay in Yogyakarta. Transportation, accommodation and other supporting facility such as all sorts of foods, and souvenirs can be found easily.

UAJY Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (UAJY) adalah lembaga pendidikan tinggi swasta yang didirikan oleh kaum awam Katolik dan dikelola oleh Yayasan Slamet Rijadi - Yogyakarta, di bawah lindungan Santo Albertus Magnus. Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta lahir pada tanggal 27 September 1965, dengan tujuan untuk ikut serta mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa melalui pendidikan yang berdimensi serta berorientasi global.
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