Public Lecture “Good Governance & Civic Participation”

19 April 2018
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Thursday (19/04) Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta held public lecture with theme “Good Governance & Participation”. Present speaker from Appalachia State University – Director of Civil Engagement, USA is Mr. Brian MacHarg and Mr. Suryo Adi Pramono, M.Si lecturer of FISIP UAJY as the moderator. The topic was about how to take responsibility especially human being to see kind of issues and problem that happened around us.

Attended by 50 students, Mr. Brian open the presentation by gave the audience question about what issues that we have concerned about. Then, he divided few steps how to get the problem done. “It is very important for us to see the problem going on in the world. Begin to see and addressed them” he said. He also added if sometimes we only see the shadows. “We don’t know whether the “shadows” is true or not. For our entire life, we just lazy. Think critically, so we know the truth and what to do”


IMG-20180419-WA0010As the last topic for this presentation, he showed one of a language named “ Sawubona” is a language from Zulu means “ I see you”. What he wanted to tell was, we as human being have to be like “Sawubona” – I see you. No matter what race are you, what is your dignity, as human being, I see you as you. This also teaches us to see the troubles in the world, and being “I see you” we are willing to know and understand.

Finally, in the end of discussion, he said it is very easy to start “start with locally. It is okay, your passion will bigger. “Go follow any kind of organizations, find your friends who have same concern and interest with you. You can start with that little step”.

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