Short Course Program

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The program will be connected for two weeks, and all participants will gain special experience not only for additional knowledge, but also knowing Indonesia through art and culture experiences.


ARTECH Program is an impressive program that combine both ARTISTIC and TECHNOLOGY. There are fun and challenging activities offered in this ARTECH Program which are Creating Your Shorthand Souvenir or Designing and Making Your Own Chocolate Candy.
5ARTECH Program Description:
• Creating Your Shorthand Souvenir
Through this activity, the student will learn how to design and to produce shorthand souvenir such as key-chain using silicon and metal. Both artistic and technological skills are needed to perform this activity. The artistic skill is useful during the design phase and technological skill is needed in order for the student to bring the design into reality. At the end of the program the student will visit shorthand souvenir home industry.
• Designing and Making Your Own Chocolate Candy
In this program the student is able to learn how to be a chocolate candy maker. To be a chocolate candy maker the student will learn how to design the chocolate mold by using PS-MoldMaker software, to make the chocolate mold, and to produce the chocolate candy. At the end of the program the student will visit chocolate candy home industry.




As a tropical and archipelago country, Indonesia harbor has very high biological diversity (biodiversity).  The level of endemism of species is also high due to the past geological process and isolation of  the areas.  Java island is one of the most populated islands in the world, yet we can still encounter the unique and rich biodiversity.

Faculty of Biotechnology of UAJY invites you to gain knowledge and experience about unique tropical biodiversity of Java Island.  The program consists of  class courses and  field trips.

Classes Activities & Field Trips:

Area Contents
Class Course  Student will learn about the various types of biodiversity in Indonesia: species diversity, ecosystem types, species endemism (including the endemic Javan Rhino, Javan Gibbon, Javan Hawk-eagle and some of the unique ecosystem types) and the environment factors which shape it. The class will also discuss about the threats on Indonesian wildlife and propose the conservation action to save it.
Field Trips Field trip to Mt Merapi National Parks: bird watch/ bird banding and  exploring the ecosystem of volcano, exploring beach ecosystem, and  karst (mysterious of the limestone cave).



We invite all participants with the background of architecture, design, culture and history to join SPARCH. As a city with strong background of Javanese and Dutch culture and history, Yogyakarta offers variety of architectural building style from traditional to art deco. Further, the application of bamboo material in traditional building becomes one character of Yogyakarta’s vernacular buildings.

This program offers an introduction about colonial and vernacular architecture in Yogyakaarta and the application of wooden and bamboo material in architecture. This program will be delivered in interactive in classes and field lectures, workshop and one day live in at the Kampong. Further, this program allows each participant to experience working together in a team with UAJY students to explore and exchange ideas regarding related subject.

This program offers three interesting topics that can be categorized into:

  •  Heritage Trail :  Heritage trail offers the introduction cultural and historical related architecture and city structure in Yogyakarta. Field lecture and survey at related study object such as Kraton (Mataram Kingdom), Malioboro (Dutch and Chinese shopping district), Kotabaru (Dutch resident district) or Kotagede (former Mataram Kingdom) will give more understanding to the object of study.
  • Vernacular Kampong (Village) : Vernacular Kampong is one of the most important urban structures in Indonesia. In Yogyakarta, Kampung Code represents an interaction and adaptation of kampong within a city.
  • Wooden and Bamboo Structure : We have a huge of bamboo material availability in Indonesia as local material. Bamboo material has advantages in detention of compression, tensile, shear and buckling loads. This workshop provides participants with knowledge of utilizing bamboo as a part of product and building. In this workshoIMG_5297p, participants will learn how to choose, preserve, design and utilize bamboo in various types of application level such as building structure, furniture, souvenirs etc.











Yogyakarta is known for its multicultural communities and acceptance to diversity. Through Impression Summer Program, we invite students to explore the implication of multiculturalism concept and policies in the issues of gender, media, and communities in Yogyakarta. In this program, students will expand a better understanding of the social policies and concept of pragmatic tolerance within Yogyakarta.


The summer program offers students in depth looking at some of social policies in Yogyakarta. Subjects such as gender, media, and community development will be addressed by various prominent guest lecturers and educational site visits to various stake holders in related social issues such as Non-Government organizations, media industries, and unique civic communities.








This program offers three interesting topics that can be categorized into:

NGO Day NGO Day offers the introduction to the work of non-government organization in multicultural issues and policies. Field lecture and survey at the related study objects such as to NGOs who concern about LGBTQ, Gender, Children, and Media will give more understanding to the study object.

The courses will explore the policies and social implication that involve the multicultural issues such women, children, LGBTQ, and sexuality in the city that have a strong religion and Asian values background.

Media Watch The students will gain knowledge on the media involvement in government policies that will strengthen dissemination of multiculturalism and public opinion.
Community Engagement Trip The students will learn the possibility of a community to develop initiative program in order to answer the policies and its implication. The tolerance from the community to diverse issues helps them to accept the multicultural understanding for its members.



In addition to the 3 main programs (ARTECH, e-Tropic, SPARCH), each program will also equipped with SCIP (Short Cut to Indonesian Program). The program was held at beginning and end of program, can also be done in the afternoon after the main program completed. Through this program the participants can be fully immersed to get more interesting experience with learning and studying Indonesian language and Javanese culture.

At the beginning of the meeting, participants will be given knowledge about daily Indonesian vocabulary and how to greet the community, then continued by introducing Yogyakarta’s culture and excursions to popular tourist attractions, arts/ crafts, as well as traditional culinary.




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