Student Activity Unit

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Students are given the opportunity to participate actively in Student Activity Unit. Those who are interested to join have to report to the university to get a recommendation letter from the Vice Rector III / Office of Student Affairs, Alumni and Campus Ministry.
Students have to fill out a form provided by the university which states that all risks related to the activities followed become the responsibility of students themselves.

UNIT KEROHANIAN (UK) – Spirituality Unit

This UKM facilitates its members with a variety of activities processed together to develop personalities through activities that can develop the intellect, spirituality, and sociality.
Through regular pilgrimages, retreats, prayers, spiritual jamboree, Ukers (the name for the members) are invited to get closer to God and be able to work on their spiritual life.
Secretariat of UK: the first floor of Pusgiwa Building, Bonaventura Campus, Babarsari St. No. 44, Yogyakarta.


Debate is one of the speech and language arts by practicing how to think systematically and critically conveyed through English. English is now the global language used by many people, so that this UKM will also prepare its members to be more competent in responding to global challenges.
The practice is conducted in FISIP UAJY Building every Saturday at 2 pm.


The main activity of UKM PASTI is reportage, magazine production, and journalism training. There have been various competitions joined and various seminars in journalism held by UKM PASTI.
UKM PASTI is open for UAJY students who want to develop their talents and interests or just hang out. Routine meeting is held every Thursday at 6pm in PUSGIWA Building, Campus 3. We are waiting for your presentation to present the news and events to the world.


Excellent Club, an abbreviation of Existence of English Talent Club, is a UKM consisting of university students from all faculties in UAJY that have similar interests and talents in the field of English. Excellent Club established in 2009 is the youngest of all UKM in UAJY.
Excellent club’s vision is to “Learn English as a habit in a creative way”. In this UKM students are invited to learn English in a fun and enjoyable way. This club covers the needs of learning English, not only theories or daily conversation but also knowledge and experiences, such as cultures, social issues and others including the development of the world. For routine activities, Excellent Club holds a “global chat room” with native speakers from various countries, like USA, Singapore, Australia, etc. Global Chat Room is a forum for the members of Excellent Club to discuss and exchange ideas with native speakers from various countries.


Fis-2This UKM was established on December 1, 1995. Some of the activities are routine meting, training, expedition, and exhibition. Routine meeting is held every Friday at 7 am at the APC basecamp in PUSGIWA Building, Campus 3 (FB:


Teater Lilin is a UKM dealing with arts, especially performance. Teater Lilin was established on April 14, 1990 in Yogyakarta. It provides a change for learning not only acting, but also music and dance. What makes Teater Lilin special is their modern performance combined with traditions. Even though they are always up to date to any progress, but they also include the nuance of traditions. University has always supported all activities performed by Teater Lilin financially and morally.
Routine practice for acting is held every Monday and Thursday at 6.30 pm ( in the yard of Campus 2), while the routine practice for gamelan is held every Wednesday and Friday at 6.30 om (in gamelan room, Campus 2).

PSM (Students Choir) – Paduan Suara Mahasiswa

The purpose of this UKM is to develop the art of singing in terms of choir. The group was officially established on October 14, 1983.
Here are some activities in expressing the talents and interests of the members, such as competitions, mini concerts both internally from PSM and externally from other parties, such as other UKMs in UAJY and orchestra groups.
To be a member, students should follow the selection and training process in music and vocal that is usually held by the coach and main members of PSM-UAJY at the beginning of the academic year (around September).
Routine practice is usually at the Auditorium of Thomas Aquinas building, Campus II UAJY, Babarsari St No. 44 Yogyakarta, held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 to 9 pm and equipped with another supporting facility (piano).


Schedule for routine practice: Tuesday (5 to 7 pm) and Saturday (7 to 9 am)
Swimming is a good exercise for health because if we do even one swimming style, such as freestyle, almost all of our muscles are involved. So, it is a beneficial sport for those who concern in physical health.
UAJY facilitates students who like or want to get achievements in swimming by leasing national standard swimming pool in Depok Sports Center, a popular fitness center in Yogyakarta and often used for various championships. The students can practice twice in a week for free and of course under the supervision of a nationally certified trainer. Every year there are minimally two championships followed, like the national swimming championships between universities and Pekan Olahraga Mahasiswa tingkat daerah (Students’ Local Sports Week).


UAJY gives high attention to support UKM of basketball as proven by giving supports, such as training facilities, equipment used for exercising to maximize all resources, and even scholarships for outstanding students with certain defined requirements. Therefore, UKM of basketball needs facilities and a place to practice.UAJY provides indoor basketball hall in Campus 1 St. Alfonsus Mrican.
Time: Female – Monday at 3 pm and Friday at 5 pm
Male – Monday at 5 pm and Friday at 3 pm


Diving is a deep swimming, below the sea level, with the help of a ventilator. The ventilator used in diving is a Scuba set consisting of tubes, BC, and regulator. Masks and fins are helpful for thevision and movement under water. There are various diving activities held, such as fun dive aimed to enjoy the nature under water and scientific diving (research) aimed to examine a certain living creature in a particular area. Commonly people consider diving as a dangerous and risky sport. Actually all dangers and risks in diving can be minimized by applying appropriate procedures during both the preparation and the diving.

Some places already visited are like white sand beach in Situbondo, East Java; Karimunjawa, Jepara; shipwreck diving in Tulamben, Bali; Seribu Archipelago; Ujung Kulon, Banten; Bunaken; Menjangan, western of Bali; Sanghyang island, Anyer; Gorontalo; Weh island, Aceh; Mentawai in Padang, West Sumatra; Derawan, East Borneo; Lombok; Kiluan bay, Lampung.

PALAWA (Pecinta Alam Mahasiswa UAJY) – Nature Lover Students

Nature Lover Students UAJY or so-called Pallava is an UKM engaging in outdoor activities. It is a lifetime membership. However, to obtain official membership or registration number of Palawa, each student must follow the first basic training and fulfil the qualification in mountain climbing.
The spirit of togetherness and teamwork has been ingrained in every Palwa activity because in any kind of outdoor activities cooperation always becomes an important thing that must be done by each member. Until now Palawa has various outdoor activities routinely performed, for instance mountain climbing, rafting, rock climbing, and caving. RecentlyPalawa has started to do aero sports, like paragliding. In terms of activities, Palawa specializes in caving. In addition, Palawa expedition team has just completed a journey for speleologi research (the science of caves and their environment) to Mekongga, Southeast Sulawesi. This UKM sometimes also meet the demand to hold outbond. They also participate not only in outdoor adventurous activities, but also in community service activities if necessary. In blood donors, those who need blood transfusion will directly contact these organizations (Nature Lover Students) because they are ready for 24 hours.


Practice schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (5 to 9 pm)
Marching Band of UAJY is an UKM engaging with art at UAJY. This UKM is a media to develop interests and talents through a variety of musical instruments in a marching band, like horn line and percussion. Besides, there is also color guard giving its beauty through fantastic movements of flag spinning.
Combining the elements of high musicality, measurement uniformity, as well as motion effects between the horn line and percussion guided by visualization of the color guard forms a harmony evoking emotions and getting Marching Band Atma Jaya to show something different from other music groups and entertainers.
Secretariat: the basement St. Don Bosco UAJY
Babarsari St no.5 Sleman – Yogyakarta 55281
Facebook: mb Atma Jaya Yogyakarta
Twitter: @ MBAtmajaya

BADMINTON (Bulu Tangkis)

Badminton is a generally demanded sport by society. Therefore, in order to accommodate the interest of students towards badminton, this UKM was established. The members routinely practice with lecturers/staff of UAJY. It is aimed not only to improve the physical condition, skills, and achievements, but also to maintain a close relationship among students, lecturers, and staff of UAJY.
The hall of the Alfonsus building Campus 1 UAJY equipped also with other supporting facilities is used for the routine practice held on Wednesday and Saturday from 3 to 4 pm.

TENNIS (Tenis)

As the proof of university’s support on students’ interest in the tennis court, university has leased a national standard tennis court, which can be used to practice twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8am, and also accompanied by a trainer. To test the ability of the students, try out is often carried out and the members actively participate in Local Sports Week for Students.

SOCCER (Sepak Bola)

Welcome to UKM Sepak Bola UAJY. Here we are in charge of Futsal (for females and males). Everybody can join this UKM. For those interested in this sport and want to get more friends, they can join UKM Sepak Bola UAJY. In this UKM all members learn from each other, so there is no need to be afraid and ashamed.
Routine practice : Tuesday in Angkasa field at 3.30 pm
Friday in NDB Adisucipto field at 3.30 pm


Activities : Routine practice, sparing, attending various competitions, study tours
Routine practice : Saturday in Campus 1 Mrican at 6 pm (females) & at 8 pm (males)
Monday Campus 1 Mrican at 8 pm (males)


This UKM holds its routine practice in the hall of St. Alfonsus, Campus I Mrican UAJY Mrican Baru No. 28 Yogyakarta, every Tuesday from 3 to 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 12pm and equipped with other supporting facilities. This UKM has actively participated in various tournaments, Local Sports Week for Students (POMDA), and Sports Weeks among universities. To familiarize the members of this UKM with other students from other universities, Volley Ball UAJY also schedules try outs to other universities around Java Island and receives visits from other universities.


In assisting and training all members, this UKM directs the members’ interests and talents, so they can choose the specifications, such as athletes, demonstrators (special technique), coach, organization involvement, etc.
The UKM activities include daily exercise, exercise in nature, joint exercise, concentration, demonstrations, leadership and management. The members also participate and hold championships and exhibitions.
The routine practice is held in the hall of Campus 1, Mrican Baru St no.28 Yogyakarta on Wednesday and Sunday from 7 to 9 pm and 5 to 8 pm and equipped with supporting facilities (mats, targets, body protectors, etc).


Karate was originally from Japan and one of the greatest teachers is Gichin Funakoshi Sihan. Karate, is a martial art of empty hand. Taken from the words kara meaning empty and te meaning hand, karate uses each body part as a weapon. In karate, hands and legs are trained in such a way that it can perform a variety of defense, punch, and kick techniques precisely, quickly, and strongly in reflex or spontaneous way.

Indonesian Karate consists of many institutions, one of which is INKAI. INKAI stands for Institut Karate-do Indonesia whose stream refers to Shotokan. INKAI UAJY is under PB. FORKI which actively joins many championships for both regional and national levels and has successfully won a lot of medals. UKM INKAI UAJY also regularly joins level-up exams and komtek organized by Pengda. INKAI DIY.
The routine practice is held in the hall of Campus 1, Mrican on Monday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm.
The UKM activities include central exercise (as the requirement of level-up exam), exercise every first week of each month, level-up exam every 6 months, exercise in nature, and championship participation.


UKM Kyokushinkai karate-do always tries to create serious karatekas who uphold humility, honesty, and sportsmanship based on the soul of pure karate martial art. Kyokushinkai karate-do adheres full body contact stream in which kick or punch is immediately directed to the opponent’s body without any protector use when free fighting.
UKM Kyokushinkai karate-do practices routinely every Monday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm in the lobby of Thomas Aquinas building, Campus II, Jl. Babarsari 44 Yogyakarta, equipped with other supporting facilities. UKM Kyokunshinkai regularly conducts level-up examinations and joins championships for local, regional, and national levels.


The routine practice is on Monday and Thursday at 19:00 pm in the front yard or the lobby of Campus II UAJY.
Boxer is a self-defense art sport that utilizes the power of muscle movement, brain, and conscience. In the learning process, the movement of the whole body and other important parts is trained to possess and to implement the five moral elements of: power – speed – accuracy – courage – and tenacity of technique system – tactic and strategy – endurance and dynamic and aggressive self-defense in the form of punch, kick, slam and lock, as well as ability to use it practically and effectively, especially in any self-defense effort.


Aikido is held in Campus II, the rear hallway (in front of Environmental Engineering Lab – FT) of Thomas Aquinas building on Wednesday and Friday from 6.30 to 9 pm.
Aikido is a Japanese modern martial art whose term is taken from the words ai meaning harmony, ki meaning life, and do meaning road. Thus, it can be concluded that Aikido is a path to harmonic soul. Aikido is not a martial art to hurt or to kill enemies. Instead, Aikidoka are taught to love enemies.
Aikido more emphasizes on lock, slam, and ding techniques and teaches to fight using the enemy’s power. Aikido does not recognize the competition system but embukai (show off). Today Aikido begins to be applied in the military field (Paspampres, TNI AU Solo, Private Bodyguard Cairo, Tokyo Police) because Aikido is very effective and applicable in a street fight.
With a motto of “winning without hurting”, Aikido is the right choice to learn martial art and to uphold love and affection.


UKM IKS Pro Patria comes from shaolin martial art which trains hard kungfu, “way tan kungfu”, and soft kungfu, “nui tan kungfu”. Pro Patria is a combination of two great kungfus, the northern kungfu (based on kicks) and southern kungfu (based on punches). Meanwhile, soft kungfu here refers to “Tai Chi Chuan”. The routine practice is in front of the auditorium of Thomas Aquinas building, Campus II UAJY every Monday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm. The routine activities regularly done are participating kejurma/kejurda/kejurnas, exercising together among Pro Patria units in Yogyakarta, and visiting and exercising together in the national level in Madiun (East Java).


In 1984, the martial art training of Merpati Putih has emerged in UAJY. The exercise materials performed is very diverse and varied, such as movement system, breathing system, and free fighting. All of them have been outlined into a curriculum so that all members are entitled to learn and practice in accordance with the level they bear. The training is conducted by trainers who already have coach certificate and get authority from branch coordinator. The training materials provided comes from science, not based on magic/spirit/occultism.
The practice is in the hall of Alfonsus building, Campus I, Jl. New Mrican No. 28 Yogyakarta every Tuesday and Friday from 7 to 9 pm, equipped with other supporting exercise facilities and Merpati Putih nationally certified trainers. UKM MP UAJY has some routine activities, such as exercise in nature, exercise with other MP training groups in DIY or Sleman, testing exercise, level-up examination, regular participation in regional student sports week (POMDA), and attending various championship invitations in both regional and national levels, as well as in other universities.


As a multicultural university, UAJY students come from various regions and ethnic groups in Indonesia. Realizing this condition, the university seeks a way to facilitate and to show the diversity. UKM SBN is expected to show the Indonesian art and culture of UAJY students.


The UKM aims to to train students’s entrepreneurship. Currently, the business which is done and managed is food stalls for students and employees in and Bonaventure building Campus III UAJY

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