EF English First Indonesia

27 April 2018
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EF English First Indonesia
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EF English First is a world renowned language institution and EF Swara isĀ one of the largest franchises in Indonesia EF Swara is made up of ten leading EF centres in Indonesia, 5 in Jakarta, 3 in Tangerang, and 2 in Bogor. Our team will help you reach your full potential as a TEFL teacher. Each school has a standardized induction program, regular training and observations, an extensive TEFL resource library as well as, of course, constant support from the Senior Teaching Manager and teaching team. You could have the opportunity of working either in the faster pace of city life or in a quieter green suburban environment. The schools are located in the north, south and west part Jakarta city, the outskirts of Jakarta and the neighboring city of Bogor. If you like city life we have EF Pluit, Tebet, Tanjung Duren, Puri and Cengkareng. If you prefer suburbs or outskirts of Jakarta, we have EF Bogor, EF BSD Tangerang, EF Gading Serpong, EF Tangerang City and EF Taman Yasmin. Each area is unique and has varying features that our teachers enjoy living and working in. Among the ten schools there are attractions for every professional teacher. All of the schools are equipped with the latest in teaching aids, materials and educational multi-media technology.

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