20 December 2017
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Nama Perusahaan:
Deskripsi Perusahaan:

More than two decades, PT. HILAB Sciencetama became a partner for scientists and analysts in the industries especially product research and development. Established on 1988, PT. HILAB Sciencetama is a company that provide Scientific Equipment and Analytical Instruments in Indonesia. Built with hard work, dedication, and passion as well as a high work ethic, PT. HILAB Sciencetama has a good reputation in the scientific instrument industry in Indonesia. We always provide the needs, and we make our customer happy and satisfy with our high quality products and services.

We believe, TEAM WORK is the best way to make customer satisfaction to our customers. We also invite professionals to grow with us. Through Excellent People, we able to commit an excellent process. The other success factor is our loyal customers in all over Indonesia – government institutions and also private companies which always happy, trust and satisfied to our products and services. Our experienced Sales Person, Engineer, and Application Staff always listen and help to suggest which products are suitable to solve your problems. As our appreciation for our customer and partner, we committed to provide excellent After Sales Service. Our trained staff will help to answer many questions regarding technical problems with the instrument. Various questions regarding the instruments or applications, will be assisted by our application team. We are expressing our appreciation to all of our business partners, who have entrusted their product sales chain in Indonesia with us.

Posisi yang Ditawarkan:
  • Junior Sales & Marketing (Area Regional)
  • Junior Instrument Technician

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