PT Tabulife International

21 March 2021
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Nama Perusahaan:
PT Tabulife International
Deskripsi Perusahaan:

BU design is based in Surakarta (Solo City) with a factory area of 6000 M2. Our marketing office is in Bali with a total team of over 20 export, procuring and expedition staff dedicated to arrange our clients needs. After more than 12 years developing sourcing and quality control for importers and wholesalers, we founded TABU life in 2005 to fill the gap for a well developed and commercial product, fabricated under restrict quality specifications.

Beside our own collections, at TABU we are ready to be with you and develop your furniture line, call it your own collection for wholesale distribution or the realization of your dream house. We will be happy to bring your ideas into reality and help you not only with the design and productions but with the logistics for gathering and delivering your project.

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